Interstate and International Custody

Custody Overview

Divorce orders are generally final, although they may be modified upon a showing of changed circumstances. It is not uncommon for one parent to relocate to another state or even out of the country. This most often requires a significant change in the child custody order, which may have granted each parent roughly equal parenting time on a weekly basis. Obviously, a distant move would require a significant change to the custody order.

Whether distant relocations may be in the best interest of the children is a matter subject to much debate in the courts and the legislature. We help parents, including those in the military, seeking to establish or challenge such a change through move-away motions and orders in court. When an international move is being considered, we are sensitive to issues raised by the Hague Convention, which was established to prevent the abduction of children across international borders. If a Hague violation is alleged, we have the necessary background and experience to deal with the international legal issues involved, such as determining which country’s laws will take precedence.

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