Patrick Cherry is a brilliant colleague whom I trust and respect so much that I rely on his family law expertise to assist my estate planning clients with their family law issues that may arise. The staff at Taylor, McCord, Praver & Cherry are also wonderful, plus they are very skilled and knowledgeable in family law. I would recommend this firm to anyone who desires high quality legal representation with integrity.

Jessica Henderson

Thanks to Patrick Cherry, my children and I have an opportunity for a stable financial future.

I hired Patrick around two years ago after my ex-husband filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in an effort to leave us with nothing. My ex’s goal was to wipe out my state rights and delay the repayment of our children’s designated college funds. Patrick, a family law attorney with integrity, extensive litigation experience, and an unwavering spirit for justice fought against the US Trustee on our behalf. He not only triumphed over the US Trustee in the family law court but also recently (April 2024) successfully argued against the modification of my spousal support. I cannot thank Patrick enough for his dedication and hard work in turning my case around.

Patrick made a positive difference in my family. Although my case is ongoing, I am confident that my legal rights will be protected—and your family’s legal rights will, too!

Trudy Reznick

Patrick Cherry is a thoughtful, focused, and extremely competent attorney. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys professionally, and he is among the most competent. He rehabilitated my case, and prevented my having a million dollar judgment against me. He cares enough to pay close attention to his cases, and has the intellect to formulate a cogent, supported argument to the court. He is a rare and capable attorney.

Robert Beilin

Patrick Cherry is an outstanding attorney. He has exceptional knowledge of the law and applies this proficiency within a client-focused approach. He approaches all interactions with respect and decency. His professionalism, communication, and technique make him the premier family law attorney in Ventura County.


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