Reasons why you need to have a competent divorce attorney with you at all times:

Typically, the client has no experience in court, in litigation, or in a divorce proceeding. Ignorance is not going to help a self-represented party get better results nor obtain any sympathy from the Court. Attorneys have experience in presenting facts, in arguing the case, in preparing and submitting documentation, in controlling the flow of evidence, knowing the law and being aware of appropriate boundaries of effective advocacy;

Attorneys are typically more objective in analyzing the facts, the law and in seeking results as opposed to seeking revenge or vindication. Self-represented litigants are often hampered by their own emotions and often focus on irrelevant and inconsequential issues;

Experienced family law attorneys are aware of options that the Court might not entertain but which would be a better option for the parties and the children (such as a deferred sale of the house or family support instead of child and spousal support);

The paperwork is an exact science and must be done correctly. If it’s not done correctly the first time, there could be significant ramifications and consequences;

The attorney can see the forest and the trees while the self-represented tends to focus solely on the trees and not the final result; and

Attorneys have experience in negotiating family law matters. Negotiation is an art and is much more involved than simply making an offer and then agreeing to a compromise number.